I'm Raúl Gómez Calero, your
PHP and Python expert.

Since 2015, I help companies to design new solutions from scratch and enhance their legacy software.

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About me

I'm Raúl Gómez, a seasoned freelance full-stack software developer with over 7 years of hands-on experience. My passion lies in crafting robust solutions using PHP and Python, specializing in Laravel and Flask frameworks.

Throughout my journey, I've been dedicated to assisting companies in creating innovative solutions and revitalizing their existing software landscapes. I firmly believe in the power of reusing proven services, adopting a design-first, code-later approach, and meticulously documenting every step of the development process.

My Expertise Area

Analyzing and designing solutions for complex use cases.

Detecting the main requirements in a platform and searching for solutions.

Developing admin panels to manage internal company workflows.

Enhance legacy software by proposing new approaches.

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